Top 3 best penis extenders

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All penis extenders work using something called traction. It works, it has been proven to work, and several of these devices are prescribed for daily use after enlargement surgery to maximize gains.  Because they all work on the same principle, evidence of one extender working is evidence of them all working, the primary difference is the quality of the device you choose.

Quality means how comfortable wearing it is (this is huge), how much support is offered, and what kind of guarantee they offer. Here is a list of the top three extenders on the market today.sizegenetics

#3 x4 Labs is very wearable, they have their own patented dual strap design that distributes the friction across the whole shaft of your penis. They have a nice engraving service to personalize the extender to you, an elegant touch. The extras offered don’t compare to SizeGenetics, but the device is solid and made well.  It’s a good product, ships from North America and is also certified as a Medical Grade device for the treatment of micro-penis. No other extender looks as cool as the Male Edge, and while appearance is not a factor in how effective the device is, having a more appealing and modern look helps a lot of men explain it to their girlfriends.

#2 The Male Edge is made of plastic, and has no metal extender bars but instead utilizes a system similar to those toy cone swords that extended out when you swing them hard. It locks in place, and works well for the most part. They use the strap system, and it’s comfortable.

#1 SizeGenetics is the brand you see most often, that’s because it’s comfortable. It fits under your clothes easily, made strong and offers an awesome “get all your money back for sharing your results” offer. They have been in business for 16 years, they know what works, and have a few legit medical endorsements from doctors. Their extender is a CE- Medical Grade Certified Device, which is a fancy way of saying it has been proven to treat a medical condition (micro-penis).

Their penis extender has been clinically proven to produce results. That’s not a gimmick; you can read the actual clinical trial medical reports in my hands-on review. If you want to get more confidence, and feel more confident when you’re naked, this is the most effective way get that aside from working out and becoming Arnold Schwarzenegger number two.

So, there you have it. If you are in the market for a penis extender, then you should start by looking into these three brands. They are clinically proven to get the job done and increase your size, as long as you use the correctly. Once you make your choice on which extender to get, make sure you commit to using it just like you would use the gym. Be consistent with your workouts and you will be rewarded with a penis that can satisfy even the most discerning woman.